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If you have found your way here, you are curious. You may have come here straight away seeking answers to who’s really in charge? You may have come through a site claiming rumors that Bohemians perform satanic rituals and burn babies at the annual gathering. Whatever your route, you are here to find out more about how political and economic power work in America.

BGAN’s first protest in 1980 uncovered more than was made apparent by sociologist G. William Domhoff’s 1974 “The Bohemian Grove and other Retreats”, which helped spark the protest. During the two week encampment, protesters vigiled 24 hours a day at the front gate; members passing by on foot sometimes stopping to talk, very open about their faith in the “Invisible Hand of the Marketplace”, thrilled by presidential candidate Ronald Reagan, a fellow Grover, and his promise to release industry at long last from profit taking regulation.

Since then, we have seen the results of “Reaganomics”, and the widening gap between the “Haves” represented at the Bohemian Grove and the rest of society.

Look at the above chart at what has happened since precisely 1981. Top 10% income has gone up over 200%, after approaching 300% prior to the 2007 economic fall while the bottom 90%’s income has remained flat.

Can we say with absolute confidence that Bohemian Grove had a hand in these developments? Could the economic and political elite’s gathering really give a tangible advantage to these men privy to inside information through Lakeside Talks and off-the-record discussions over drinks around the campfire?

It is true that there are many opportunities for these men to gather in a more formal decision-making venue such as Bilderberg or Trilateral Commission. But as pointed out by Domhoff, the Grove gathering is unique in the world for its full two week, off-the-record gathering of the highest caliber men going back over 100 years. Every Republican candidate for President who has won, as well as some Democratic candidates in that time have been vetted at the Grove gathering prior to being elected. Many don’t believe that is a coincidence.

The goals of this site are four fold:

* To Educate the public to Grove history and members, both current and past;

* To Invite interactive participation in researching members, corporate interests and networks;

* To Discuss how to address the threats to openness and democracy identified in the collusion of these men; and

* To Confront Power with Truth that is more damning than the innuendoes that pass as “truth” at the trove of sensationalistic sites proliferated since the grainy footage of the Cremation of Care was posted some ten years ago.

We fear such sites discredit legitimate concerns in favor of speculations that assure the fringe status of this crucial aspect of power in America, and ask your help in getting at the truth behind the Oz curtain that is Bohemian Grove.

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