Activists Create Care at Bohemian Grove

Activists Create Care at Bohemian Grove

The Fukushima Mothers, Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink are joining the Bohemian
Grove Action Network (BGAN) and a coalition of 24 groups at the Creation of
Care, Saturday, July 14, at the Monte Rio Amphitheater, close to the
exclusive Bohemian Grove. There will also be short talks from the groups in
Northern California who are in coalition with BGAN about the many issues we
care about. Later on the same day the Bohemians will gather at the base of a
40-foot high stone owl for their Cremation of Care, the annual ritual, which
marks the beginning of their 133rd encampment.

The theme of the event at the amphitheater is ³Occupy Bohemian Grove, Expose
the 1%,² and will include many of the Occupy groups ‹ which have formed in
the past year ‹ as well as other regional organizations focused on such
things as climate change, human rights, ending weapons and war, racism and
more. A representative from Code Pink will speak about drones. Please see
the complete list of endorsements on our flyer. (see attachment)

“Our purpose over the past 33 years has been to research and expose these
men at the Grove who represent the elite of the corporate, financial,
government and military circles,² said Mary Moore a co founder of BGAN.
“Besides our research we have focused on the daily Lakeside Talks which are
often public policy talks given without any public scrutiny. Over the years
those have included speeches from Edward Teller on nuclear energy, Caspar
Weinberger on ŒRearming America¹, John Lehman, Sect of the Navy on ³Smart
Weapons², A.W. Clausen, president of the World Bank, Antinin Scalia of the
U.S. Supreme Court and ex presidents such as Richard Nixon and George HW
Bush.² An early meeting of the group that led to the creation of the
Manhattan Project and the Atomic Bomb was held in their club house in 1942.”

In addition to the speakers, the program at the amphitheater will include
performances by Dave Lippman, Teresa Tudury, Jim Ocean, Scott Gerber, Attila
Nagy, Keith Blackstone and the Hubbub Club.

Protests against the Grove began in July of 1980 when a group of anti
nuclear activists researched the members involved in the nuclear industry.
By 1982 BGAN was a coalition of 72 groups across the country.

Admission to the Creation of Care is free. It will run from noon to 4 p.m.
at the Monte Rio amphitheater, which is located at 9925 Main Street in
downtown Monte Rio.

For more information please go to or (click on Bohemian Grove)

Bohemian Grove protest bios
Cindy Lee Miller Sheehan, 55, is an American anti-war activist whose son,
U.S. Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, was killed by enemy action during the
war in Iraq. She attracted national and international media attention in
August 2005 for her extended anti-war protest at a makeshift camp outside
former President George W. Bush¹s Texas ranch. Her memoir, Peace Mom: A
Mother’s Journey Through Heartache to Activism, was published in 2006. She
continues to speak out about America¹s foreign wars on her bog, Cindy
Sheehan¹s Soapbox.

Fukushima Mothers is a coalition of mothers and grandmothers from Fukushima,
and other parts of Japan, who organize protests against the use of nuclear
power, in the wake of the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear power plant on
March 11, 2011. Most recently they protested at the office of the prime
minister of Japan. Some of the mothers are currently touring California.

CODEPINK is a women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement
working to end U.S. funded wars and occupations, to challenge militarism
globally, and to redirect U.S. resources into health care, education, green
jobs and other life-affirming activities. It is an international
organization, based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and
Washington, D.C.

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