Access and Secrecy

Access and Secrecy- A Call for Openness

Bohemian Grove Action Network

Welcome to Expose Bohemian Grove, sponsored by the groups and individuals that make up the Bohemian Grove Action Network, and our allies.

San Francisco’s Bohemian Club, with its annual secret burning each summer of Care’s effigy at the club’s Bohemian Grove gathering is just one bizarre example of an arsenal of secret, mostly men’s’ organizations used by the elites to maintain their elitehood.  Elites seem to prefer acting without general public notice, so secret networks abound.

Besides the Grove, better known organizations include the Knights of Malta, Bilderbergers, Masons, Skull and Bones, and others. Besides secrecy, the other thing  members get for their money is access. Even members of the more lowly Kiwanis and Rotary might benefit from being in the same club as the mayor. If not for these two ingredients, secrecy and access, what use would a secret fraternity be?

History has sometimes revealed secret societies spawning other secret societies, as when Skull and Bones alumni formed what would become the Central Intelligence Agency. The Bohemians, themselves, boast in their annals how they helped bring about the atomic bomb. Their “Atoms for Peace” program’s creation of the nuclear power industry  by Dwight Eisenhower, Glen Seaborg, Ernest Teller and others is also well documented.

Bohemia is also a potent producer of Presidents of the United States. It is said that every Republican president since 1888 has been seen at the Grove just prior to being elected. John McCain missed 2008’s gathering, electing instead to remain in Washington and try to address the economic mess choreographed largely by many of the Grove membership. Mitt Romney didn’t make it in 2012, either. Perhaps no one invited him, or he refused an invite. Either way, a potent statement.

Secrecy is a tool. It accents the sense of entitlement they gain from believing they have a  “noble obligation”, that “from those with much, much is expected”, that their hard work will gain them what they are owed, and other myths they use as their permission to do their will. Without their access to the resources, the knowledge, the analysis, the political and economic power of these secret gatherings, not to mention the secrecy, itself, some ambitious projects might never have been realized; died in an unfulfilled heart.

Take note that, as of this writing, even with government dysfunction threatening to cremate the safety net they call “entitlements”, the elites are doing fine, the DOW is soaring. The richest are doing the best; the game goes on.

There are reasons for this, but they are not often told because they are secret.  That is why Bohemian Grove Action Network came in to being.  We want to draw back the curtain and expose the Mighty Oz, the secret heart of who these men are. Are they just kindly world and corporate leaders out for a lark, or is there more?

While there are many reasons to worry about this particular secret gathering, two aspects of it have stood out for us over the years: Their annual burning of Care, and their secret Lakeside Talks.

One would think the images of the Cremation of Care: the 40-foot stone owl, the robes, the fire, this vast effort to destroy Care should scream out at the corroding of elite values. But the imagery has been co-opted by Alex Jones and his followers. And so the message has gotten muddied by sensationalistic rhetoric that accuses these men, rightly or wrongly, of the most diabolical and speculative acts that can be imagined.

We deplore the Cremation of Care, and support any non-violent protest of that bizarre ritual, but the other aspect that causes concern may be at least as sinister.  The Lakeside Talks, given daily during the gathering, allow an opportunity for members to listen to experts and pundits speak on many subjects; or, importantly, a chance to make their case on an issue to this elite gathered company, unregulated by public notice. Most are minor talks about local flora and fauna.  But peppered in are major addresses, given by high ranking officials and aspirants, sometimes on far reaching policy topics of major public concern.

Picture yourself on the board of Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed-Marietta, IBM, listening to the Secretary of Defense or a Joint Chief of Staff wax on the importance of a missile shield or a needed weapons system to meet changing demands of combat in the 21st Century.  Wonder what they talk about around the evening campfire?

We find it astounding that these talks, this inside information, remain hidden from the rest of us. Access our researchers have gained to a very small number of the Lakeside Talk programs over the years shows a breadth of topics and speakers in those few speeches that is breathtaking (see the Lakeside Talks tab).  We have seen a number of those talks  acted upon, as in the arms orgy during the Reagan years after his Secretary of Defense, Casper Weinberger, spoke there in 1982. Both Reagan and Weinberger were, of course, Bohemians.

No “official” rally is being planned for 2013, but, if you are disturbed by the increasing hold the Oligarchy, as represented at the Bohemian Grove, has on the levers of political and economic power in this country and the world; if you feel it needs to end, sooner than later; if you feel they take too much and leave too little for the rest of us, then you should make it a point to make a mid-Summer journey to the Russian River of Sonoma County, and make your presence known at the grove gate (Monte Rio end of  Bohemian Highway).

They will be there from July 13-28. Gatherings are called for Saturday the 13th, the day they cremate Care, and the 20th, to protest the Lakeside Talk, both at 1 P.M. The middle week-end (20th) usually has a featured speaker. In 2011, it was Rupert Murdock on “The Future of News”. We will let you know who is speaking if we can find out who that is.

Stay tuned.

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