Aorangi/Swagatam Camp

Names obtained from the 2010 Bohemian Grove Attendee List.

Aorangi refers to Mount Cook, the highest mountain in New Zealand. Swagatam is Hindu for “Welcome”. Unsure why these names were chosen.

Members – 2

Kenneth John Taylor – Many options here; unable to confirm. Possibly the CEO of Taylor Mechanical in Florida or CEO of the National Community Reninvestment Coalition. Possibly a rugby player () or an electronic artist from Canada (Bohemian Grove was designed for artists initially so not a stretch). Due to his being the Captain of the group, one would presume a higher professional status which is why the NCRC position is considered despite the absence of Kenneth in the name. Will return to this one; comments encouraged/appreciated. Unconfirmed.

Robert E. Connick – Professor Emeritus at University of California Berkeley. Worked on the Manhattan Project (1943-1946). Vice Chancellor and Chair of the Academic Senate of UC Berkeley and the entire University of California system.