Better ‘Ole Camp

Names obtained from the 2010 Bohemian Grove Attendee List.

Members – 9


David A. Poe – Since April 2008, Mr. Poe has served as Senior Director of Edgar, Dunn & Company, an independent global financial services and payments consultancy. From March 1998 to May 2008, Mr. Poe served as Chief Executive Officer of Edgar, Dunn & Company and as a consultant and director from March 1980 to March 1998. Prior to Edgar, Dunn & Company, Mr. Poe was a CPA with Deliotte, Touche. Mr. Poe currently serves as Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Bank of San Francisco, Chairman of the Board of Geothermal Engineering Ltd., a privately held UK company, and is a member of the board of directors of the University of Idaho Foundation. In addition, he has served on the board of directors of several private technology companies. Source.

Albert H. Konetzni Jr. – Vice Admiral, Retired, U.S. Navy. Former Deputy and Chief of Staff, Former Commander, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Extended Biography.

Robert M. Leitstein – Robert Leitstein has been Chief Executive Officer and President of department stores of Hallmark Cards, Inc. at Kansas City since 1991. Mr. Leitstein worked at some of the top retail stores in the country, including Bloomingdale”s, Neiman Marcus and Gump”s. Mr. Leitstein oversees the two department stores and several of the Hallmark Cards’ specialty stores in Crown Center – Halls Station, Boulevard Blues, the Crayola Store and Hallmark Crown Center. Source.

William Briggs McClatchy – William McClatchy, 50, has been a director of McClatchy since September 2004. Mr. McClatchy is an entrepreneur, journalist and co-founder of Index Investing, LLC. He currently serves as editor of Index Investing’s, a website supplying content concerning exchange-traded index funds. In 1999, Mr. McClatchy co-founded, a website for index investing content. From 1987 through 1991, Mr. McClatchy served in a variety of editorial positions for computer magazines, including staff writer at PC Week and MAC Week, and microcomputing editor at Information Week. From 1993 to 1996, Mr. McClatchy worked as a reporter for The Fresno Bee. Source.

Paul Joseph McDonald – Lawyer; San Francisco Law School currently in San Jose, Ca.

Robert C. Poe– Poe started the engineering consulting firm Poe & Associates in McAlester. The company grew to become a nationally recognized designer of such public works projects as water systems, highways, and bridges. Poe has served as the Oklahoma Turnpike Engineer, and following the Interstate 40 bridge collapse in 2002, his firm was selected to lead the repair efforts. Currently 105,000 rural Oklahomans receive their domestic water from systems designed by the firm, which has offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Topeka, Kan. They are the overall consultants on the widening of Skelly bypass currently under construction in Tulsa.

In addition to founding an architectural company with Frank Davies, Poe also took up golf, but not in the traditional sense. His golf course and golf community design company, Pittman-Poe Land Planning Company, did extensive work around the country with such golf greats as Jack Nicklaus. Poe also founded Penterra Company, a residential and commercial property development company focused on the development of Marina Bay that includes a property with 2.5 miles of waterfront on the San Francisco Bay.

In 1989, Poe’s first-hand knowledge of small-business lending made him a natural buyer of Community Bank and Trust in Tulsa, a bank with a history of helping the new and striving small business. Source.

Donald R. Riehl – President, D.R. Riehl, Inc., Pacific Grove Commercial Property Owners Association, Inc. and Pacific Grove Developers.

James A. Steele – Judge for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in California. He won re-election unopposed in 2010.

Richard M. Woods – Unconfirmed.