Rattlers Camp

Rattlers Camp

Edmund W. Littlefield, Jr.- Great Grandson of Utah Construction Founder, Ormund Wattis. His father, Edmund, Sr., also a Bohemian, passed in 2001. Under the senior Littlefield’s control, UI became an internationally formidable company, eventually merging with GE, the largest corporate merger ever up to that time. Littlefield served on the boards of some of the largest corporations in America, including GE, Bechtel Investment, Chrysler, Del Monte, Hewlett-Packard and Wells Fargo Bank.

Edmund, Jr. appears to be living off approximately $60 million trust fund yielding $1.2 million annually, according to a child custody brief available online.

Bob Weir- Grateful Dead- Spike the Kool-Aid, Bobby!

Nick Forster – eTown ( a national, 501(c)3 nonprofit, syndicated radio program, produced in Boulder, Colorado, and heard on National Public Radio, community radio stations, and commercial radio) was founded in 1991 by host and co-executive producer Nick Forster, a career musician (best known his work in the progressive bluegrass band Hot Rize) and his wife, Helen Forster, a professional actress/vocalist/voiceover artist who serves as co-host and executive producer of the show. eTown presents a wide-range of roots music, conversation and examples of environmental and community activism to listeners around the world.

eTown host Nick Forster’s involvement in music began as a teen playing guitar in various amateur folk and folk-rock bands in upstate New York. A job offer as a luthier (guitar repairman) led him to Colorado in 1975, where he met future bandmates Charles Sawtelle, Pete Wernick and Tim O’Brien. In 1978 they formed the bluegrass group: Hot Rize. In Hot Rize, Nick played the bass and guitar, provided vocals and acted as the group’s M.C. The band released ten albums, toured worldwide and appeared on radio and television programs, including Austin City Limits, The Grand Ole Opry and A Prairie Home Companion. Hot Rize earned both a Grammy nomination and the International Bluegrass Music Association‘s Entertainer of the Year Award before retiring in the spring of 1990. Nick teamed up with Tim O’Brien and Jerry Douglas to form a new group just after Hot Rize retired. In 1990, Nick accompanied Sam Bush, John Cowan, and Laurie Lewis on an extensive US State Department tour of Eastern Europe and Turkey. During the tour, he was struck by music’s ability to bring people from diverse backgrounds together, including former Communist Party bosses, new democratic leaders, school teachers, business executives, dissident poets and everyday citizens. He was also astounded by the region’s noticeable environmental degradation due to lack of community control. Nick imagined there had to be a way to link the power of music with the sharing of information about and solutions to the environmental and social challenges facing the planet, inspiring people to work together to make a positive difference. On the flight home, he came up with the idea of a radio program that would channel the energy and spirit of live-performance audiences into a dialogue about global issues. Returning home from that U.S. State Department tour, Nick shared the idea of the radio show with Helen, who agreed to help him. The two of them launched the program ‘eTown’ on Earth Day in 1991.