Mary Moore interview

Mary Moore was interviewed by Southern California Radio personality Bruce Montalvo. It lasted about an hour.

It can be downloaded or streamed from the link above listed under Sunday March 31st, 2013.

2 Responses to Mary Moore interview

  1. Avatar Noreen Elizabeth Ringlein
    Noreen Elizabeth Ringlein says:

    We seem to be at a cross roads with world decay and violence, we should re-meet. We need another round of nonviolence RiseUp 99 % is training, but who trained them –she wondered idly. Don and Mary we need to do lunch.

    • Avatar Don Eichelberger
      Don Eichelberger says:

      Noreen- I had not seen this yet, sorry for slow reply. I don’t know about Mary, but I would love to meet up for lunch sometime. Do you live near SF?