Stowaway Camp 2004

Stowaway Camp 2004

Thomas B Hazlehurst MD – Pulmonary physician in Daly City

Brooks Walker Jr- Brooks Walker is past Chairman of San Francisco Real Estate Investors and former Chairman of the Board of USL Capital Corporation. Mr. Walker serves on the Board of Directors of the GAP Co. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Victor K Atkins – Member Executive Committee of Caltech University, associate of the RAND Corporation

Victor K Atkins Jr – Director Bank of America Foundation

Peter K Barker – Goldman Sachs Advisory Director (1998-2006 } Member of the Board of Ameron International (1999-) Member of the Board of Avery Dennison (2003-) Member of the Board of Fluor (2007-) Member of the Board of GSC Investment Corporation, Member of the Board of Stone Energy Corporation (2000-)

John B Bates Jr – Attorney has devoted the last fourteen years of his distinguished 30-year legal career exclusively to mediation. Successfully handled 3,000 mediations across the U.S. involving business, class actions, construction, employment, environment, healthcare, insurance/reinsurance, intellectual property, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, patent and trademark, personal injury, product liability, securities, and toxic torts.

Peter Beaudoux Breck – Managing Partner Rosewood Venture Capital in San Francisco

Fred L Carroll – ?

Charles Crocker – Chairman of the board of Children’s Hospital in San Francisco, chairman of the Hamlin School’s Board of Trustees, president of the Foundation of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, president of Crocker Capital Corporation, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of BEI Technologies Inc., board member of BEI Medical Systems Company, Inc., board member of Fiduciary Trust International, board member of Pope & Talbot Inc., board member of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated since 2001, director at Franklin Templeton Investments,

Leo A Daly III – Leo A. Daly Co. is an international architecture, engineering, planning, interior design and program management firm based in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. It was founded in 1915 by Leo A. Daly. The company is the number 12 architectural firm in the United States, with more than $106.5 million in annual architectural revenue.

Paul B Fay III – ?

James C Flood – Mr. Flood is a former Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank. He is presently a general partner of Flood Partners, the owners and operators of the historic Flood Building in downtown San Francisco.
John H E Haskell Jr – John H. F. Haskell, Jr., age 76, was for more than the past five years, until his retirement on March 31, 2004, an investment banker and advisor with the investment banking firm of UBS Securities LLC, New York, New York, and its predecessors. From March 31, 2004 until May 31, 2005, he was a non-employee advisor for UBS. Mr. Haskell is co-chair of the board of the French Institute Alliance Francaise. Director of Pall Corp East Hills, New York INDUSTRIAL GOODS / DIVERSIFIED MACHINERY
Bruce Levingston – Famous classical pianist
Paul Albert Miller – Died Sept. 2004, served as director or trustee of Wells Fargo Bank, Newhall Land and Farming and the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.
Charles F Morgan – Morgan Stanley Trust
Paul F Pelosi – Husband of Nancy Pelosi House Speaker. Pelosi’s Husband Is an Extremely Wealthy Real Estate Developer .The Pelosi family has a net worth of over $90 million, mainly from Paul’s investments. Paul Pelosi, Italian/Catholic, was a New York investment banker turned San Francisco real estate developer. He is president of Financial Leasing Services, a venture-capital company in San Francisco.

Joseph W Ralston USAF – Joseph W. Ralston has been a member of The Timken Company Board of Directors since 2003. Ralston is vice chairman of The Cohen Group, an organization that provides clients with comprehensive tools for understanding and shaping their business, political, legal, regulatory and media environments. He has served in this position since 2003. Ralston is a retired general in the United States Air Force. He previously was Supreme Allied Commander in Europe of NATO forces from 2000 to 2003. He serves on the board of directors for Lockheed Martin Corporation and URS Corporation.
David Rockefeller Sr. (born June 12, 1915 is a prominent American banker, statesman, globalist and the current patriarch of the Rockefeller family. He is the youngest and only surviving child and grandchild, respectively, of the prominent John D. Rockefeller Jr. and the billionaire oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil.
David Rockefeller Jr. – (born July 24, 1941 is a philanthropist and an active participant in nonprofit and environmental areas. The eldest son of David Rockefeller, he is a leading fourth-generation member (known as “the Cousins”) of the prominent Rockefeller family, serving on many boards of the family’s institutions.
Robert D Stuart Jr – Robert D. Stuart, Jr., is the former CEO of Quaker Oats and a former U.S. Ambassador to Norway. He is now President of North Star Investments, and a nationally active fundraiser for Republican causes.
Walter H Sullivan III – Walter H. Sullivan, III, is the principal of Realvest, LLC, a real estate and venture capital investment firm based in San Francisco. Walter’s business interests include being the third generation real estate in North America and Europe.
Lawrence R Tollenaere – Ameron Inc., Monterey Park, Calif., which makes construction products, named Lawrence R. Tollenaere chairman and chief executive

Erik Jacobus van Dillen – ?