Lakeside talks 2004


July 16: Exploring Mars & Searching for Life in the Universe by Charles
Elachi, Director of Jet Propulsion Lab Professor, California Institute of

July 16: TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED David Gergen, Bohemian & Public Policy
Professor and Former Presidential Advisor

July 17: The Landscape of American Politics: David Brooks, New York Times
columnist and Political commentator

July 17: CREMATION OF CARE ceremony

July 18: The Elections & Their Aftermath: Norman Ornstein, Political
Analyst, American Enterprise Institute

July 19: State Building: What we do and don¹t know about creating
institutions in Developing Countries Francis Fukuyama, Dean of Advanced
International Studies, John Hopkins Unv.

July 20: The Internal Life of Planets: A Comparison of Earth, Venus, Mars &
the Moon, by Mark Richards, Professor of Geophysics and Dean of Physical
Sciences, Unv. of Calif. Berkeley

July 22: The Coming Virtual Soldier: by Roger McCarthy, Chairman & Principal
Engineer, Exponent Inc.

July 23: The Long War of the 21st Century: by James Woolsey, Former Director
of the C.I.A.

July 24: The Unrealized Potential of the Technological Revolution: by James
H. Billington, Librarian of Congress

July 26: Remembering Reagan, One Insiders Account: Kenneth Adelman, Author

July 28: Did the Terrorists Expect the World Trade Towers to Fall?: Ian
Mackinlay, Architect

July 31: Politics, Plagues, Prevention & Preparedness: Vice Admiral Richard
Carmona M.D., United States Surgeon General