Lakeside Talks 2008


The LAKESIDE TALKS, 2008, at Bohemian Grove were somewhat less dramatic than in past years. However, there was one particular talk this year that put a whole new wrinkle into the mix. On Wednesday, July 23, Tony Snow (ex White House press secretary to George W. Bush) was scheduled to talk on LIFE IN THE PRESS ROOM. The problem was that he died on July 12 and Bohemian Club members started arriving for their summer encampment on July 11. There was
no correction so I guess even the powerful Bohos couldn¹t get a reprint together. We’ll never know (and neither will they) what Tony had to say about life as W’s mouthpiece.

For the last couple of years there has been an internal disagreement about the way the Bohemians are taking care of their 2000 acre old growth forest.

In 2006 a longtime 4th generation member quit the club as he tried to warn the Bohemians to be better stewards of their land. This year there were a couple of Lakeside Talks devoted to this subject and they weren’t from the point of view of the man who quit in protest.

Saturday, July 12: Professional Forester (and club member) Ralph Osterling spoke on TOMORROWS GROVE IN PROGRESS. Mr. Osterling¹s role has been to lend legitimacy to the Grove¹s logging plan.

Tuesday, July 22: Jack Blackwell, Vice President of Lands & Conservation at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, spoke on CONSERVATION EASEMENTS: PROTECTING YOUR RIGHT TO A GROVE SHOWER. This may seem quite tame and reasonable until one learns that this is the foundation that the Grove is donating an easement to in order to lower the acreage level on paper so as to avoid stricter logging regulations. For more info on this issue go to: