Robert Reich Petition to Denouce Koch Brothers

We, citizens of the United States, denounce you, Charles and David Koch, for using your vast wealth—more than the combined wealth of the bottom 40 percent of Americans—to corrupt our democracy. You are thereby undermining the most precious gift we possess, our democratic system of government. You deserve to be shamed and condemned by all Americans.

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2 Responses to Robert Reich Petition to Denouce Koch Brothers

  1. Avatar Push4Transparency
    Push4Transparency says:

    I’m not sure what petitions accomplish. It’s more important to track Koch money down and expose the people who are accepting it.

  2. Avatar Don Eichelberger
    Don Eichelberger says:

    I agree, Push, this site should be more than a Facebook-type, sign the petition space. Some educational value in passing such a petition, but I would like to see this site used more to assist with serious research that “follows the money”, all the way to the base of the owl, if need be. I would rather not give out busy work, but ask people to join BGAN’s efforts to draw some truth out to counter the speculative blogosphere created by Alex Jones and others who give the word conspiracy a bad name.

    As a keeper of the BGAN Facebook page, I post these kinds of petitions sometimes for the educational value, but would like to promote this site as a stable place for exchanging ideas and even crowd sourcing issues to examine American decision-making as it relates to flow of money.