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Bohemian Grove Action Network

P.O. Bx. 296, Occidental, CA. 95465

707 874 2248

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  1. I saw your website how in 2010 a gentleman named Hugh Klebaum was an attendee at the Bohemian Grove, involved with Grove Farm, and you were attempting to get information about him, I was wondering if you did?
    I am writing a book and Mr. Klebaum places a peripheral role in it, you see Grove Farm sold to Steve Case of AOL around the same time that AOL was merging with Time Warner. The directors hired a furloughed con man to assess it’s value, who was assisted by another furloughed convict, that we only found out about in 2006.
    One of the directors was connected to a person we only found out recently was a con man as well, who happened to be involved with the con man who assessed Grove Farm’s value.

  2. We have a Facebook page now. I hope we can get contributors, and post information, media, press releases about the upcoming 2013 BG summer fun!

  3. Avatar Beth Breeze
    Beth Breeze says:

    Is there a protest this year 2013 at the Grove? If so when? What is the schedule this year?

  4. Finally when someone starts to lead the integrity of the process on the planet? now the world is like a flock without a shepherd – save planet earth civilization