The Joy of Caring
The Joy of Caring

Help Defeat the Elite!


The 1% have been pillaging the social cookie jar for far too long, leaving precious little there for the rest of us to work with.  Bohemian Grove Action Network has no corporate sponsors, needless to say.

Financial assistance from supporters for our efforts tells us two things: We are doing something right, and you care (Way too little of that these days, as you may know!).

Please support efforts to shed light on to the elite, secret  Bohemian Grove gathering.

Make a tax deductible contribution by writing your check out to Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County.  Be sure and note on the memo Bohemian Grove Action Network, and mail it to:

Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County
467 Sebastopol Av.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401-8502

Non-deductible contributions can be made out to Bohemian Grove Action Network and mailed to:

P.O. Box 296

Occidental, CA 95465

We appreciate your support. Thank you!

2 Responses to Donate

  1. Do you realize that the clowns that you vote into office because you think they are better than the clowns the others vote into office are just as pathetic? There is no two party system.

    Anyone who wants to can make it in America, all it takes is a little drive which is something a large percentage of the 99% do not care to explore. Generational welfare is a far bigger threat to the 99% than a bunch of rich guys glamping for a week. If there were no 1% creating goods and services that people need, we would all be living in a cave and walking. This website, your local newspaper and your cars and bicycles wouldn’t exist. You wouldn’t even know Bohemian Grove existed unless you read it on the internet, another creation of the 1% you despise yet couldn’t live without.

    Get your priorities straight and start voting out the incumbents of BOTH parties if you want to see change. Pelosi, Boenher, Reid and the rest of the career politicians need to be kicked in the ass and sent packing.