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Press Democrat 5-3-12: Moore finds the reality scary enough
Press Democrat 7-10-2011: As Bohemians gather, so does lunatic fringe of activist world

Occupy Bohemian Grove 2012 media coverage

Mainstream media was, of course, limited. Partly because it is a long way to go for a story, but mostyly because the mainstream media is and has been well-represented in grove membership, and most media cannot or will not go there.

Fortunately, Russia Today TV was there, and they are just as critical of capitalists as during the Cold War, and for that, we should thank them.

RT News coverage of 2012 Creation of

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Care 1

RT News coverage of 2012 Creation of Care

RT News coverage of 2012 Creation of Care 2

The last two hours of the Creation of Care event was carried live on KPFA Radio.

KPFA Broadcast of Creation of Care 2012

Here Bohemian Grove Action Network organizer, Don Eichelberger and Fukushima Mother’s Delegation member, Chieko Shiina, interviewed on KPFA radio Friday, July 13, 2012.

KPFA Interview on Bohemian Grove with Don Eichelberger and Fukushima Mother

Following are links to television news reports on the Bohemian Grove and its protests over the years.

1981 ABC Evening News report on Bohemian Grove

1984 ABC Evening News report on Bohemian Grove

CNN Report from 1991

KFTY Ch.50 from 1991

KFTY Ch.50 from 1996

Novemeber, 1989 – SPY Magazine


Today the Grove is stocked with Reaganites. Former Defense secretary Caspar W. Weinberger, former attorney general William French Smith and former Transportation secretary Drew Lewis are all members. At the encampment last July, Al Haig was there, along with three other former secretaries of State: Kissinger, Shultz and William P. Rogers (Rogers as a guest of former national security adviser William P. Clark’s). James A. Baker III, the current secretary of State, is also a member, but he couldn’t make it this year. The right-wing Hoover Institution at Stanford attended in full force and brought along the president of Washington’s Heritage Foundation. William F. Buckley Jr. and Malcolm Forbes held court.

Big business shows up: Thomas Watson Jr. of IBM, billionaire John Kluge of Metromedia. Former Bank of America chairman Samuel Armacost brought IBM chairman John F. Akers, Bechtel chairman S. D. Bechtel Jr. brought Amoco chairman Richard Morrow. Noted and hoary writers and personalities are members: Herman Wouk, Art Linkletter, Fred Travalena. Scenting power, press lords skip in from all over the country: Joe Albritton, former owner of The Washington Star; Charles E. Scripps and Otto Silha of Cowles Media; the McClatchys of the McClatchy chain; and David Gergen of U.S. News & World Report all obey the Bohemian command of keeping the goings-on from their readers.

– excerpt from SPY Magazine’s Novemeber 1989 Bohemian Grove article

archived here: