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  • Hooded Figures Steal Creation

    Here are lyrics to a song I wrote a few Years ago about the Cremation of Care; enjoy!

    Hooded Figures Steal Creation

    © 2009 Don Eichelberger

    Hooded figures in a redwood glade
    Burning the cares that Humanity made.
    Free of Caring’s moderation,
    Hooded figures steal creation.

    Like their birthright, they pillage its fruits;
    Mammon wearing steel toed boots,
    They once tried to steal my soul by
    Showing me the promised land.

    But I know now, and they don’t like it,
    That the land was made for every
    Woman and man.
    I stumble for the key to the temple tumbling down,
    And I find a box to open with the truth to go around.

    We take our power and we howl,
    Our roar will shake their redwood wall,
    Will shake their redwood wall all the way down
    To the green, green ground.