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    Here is a pretty good primer on where we are in the debate between creeping capitalistic fascism and the poorer class’s anarchistic bent for fairness, equality, justice and other Communistic ideals abhorred by right wingers.

    The Koch brothers are two Bohemians prominently mentioned as provocateurs, along with their father, for hard core, no holds barred fascistic capitalism, but I’d wager most, if not all, club members support soul sucking accumulation of riches at the cost of us all.

    Dante Brown, Oct 30, 2018·14 min read
    After diving into more Far Right nonsense I have come to the conclusion that many white males have become simply confused, brainwashed or deeply hypocritical. I have written previously about Right Wing Libertarians and some of their support for “Anarcho-Capitalism”. I have also connected the dots from “Anarcho-Capitalism”, Voluntarism, and the rest of it to white nationalism and fascism. The recent connections or Libertarian deviants who endorse Trump and ethno-nationalism are not really deviants at all and are in a long line of racist, sexist, anti-Semitic nonsense that typically exist in the realms of the political Right. In many ways the libertarians turned fascists are actually completing the thought of Right Wing Libertarianism and coming to the inevitable conclusion of Fascism.
    Many people who claim to be capitalists today are full of shit. In fact, the capitalism of Adam Smith never really existed. “Free trade” isn’t really free trade, “the invisible hand”, doesn’t really mean what most people think it does, the free of exchange of goods and services is most of the time exploitation, and on and on. Most of the people who appear on television today who claim to be ardent capitalists are nothing more than corporatists. They usually support rough rugged capitalism for the weak and champagne socialism for the powerful. They really only obsess about lower taxes no matter what, privatization no matter what, cutting social programs no matter what, and starting wars no matter what. Those 4 mantras alone are not capitalism but corporatism.
    They cannot sell this to the public so they mask it in “economic freedom” and “capitalism” and “liberty” and “the free market” and “growth”. They have literally been saying the same thing for 50 years straight. “It’ll promote democracy”, “it’ll raise wages”, “it’ll create growth”, “it’ll make us all rich”, “it’ll create peace”, blah blah blah. The thing is we have seen the complete opposite in the last 50 years. Authoritarianism seems to winning around the world as the masses grow tired of democracy. Gross inequality and poverty have become the norm. Wages have been stagnant for around 40 years despite production being at it’s highest point and skyrocketing cost of living. Automation and globalization have made certain people lose jobs while others gain jobs. There are still numerous battlefields and conflict zones and civil wars around the world. Where were groups like Boko Haram and Al-Shebbab and Daesh 15 years ago? 70 years since Hiroshima and Nagasaki we grow closer and closer to nuclear annihilation. Add to all that it seems the human race is on the verge of wiping itself out with a man-made mass extinction event called global warming.
    The “capitalists” then typically say “It’s because big government”, “It’s all the government’s fault”, “I blame government”. This leads many to then endorse the oxymoron “anarcho-capitalism”. Capitalism has always relied on government from its inception. It is the government that creates the currency and the parameters of the market. It is the government that controls the central banking system. It is government that establish the laws of what is a fair trade and what is not. It is government that establishes what is exploitation and what is not. It is government that protects the property rights of the capitalist. It is government that keeps the high seas safe and the other routes of goods. It is government that creates a judicial system so that capitalists can address their grievances in a civil matter. It government that creates the infrastructure for goods to travel from one place to another. It is government that hands out contracts to competing corporations. This has always been the reality. The government has always been a tool of the capitalist not an enemy. You cannot have capitalism without government.
    Anarchism too is an ideology that not only rejects capitalism but is diametrically opposed to it. Anarchism is the ideology of legitimate authority and hierarchy. Capitalism creates illegitimate authority just like feudalism, slavery, colonialism, imperialism, fascism, and other forms of authoritarianism. Anarchist have continuously for over a century criticized capitalism just as much if not more than Marxists and socialists. Anarcho-communism as a concept makes more sense than anarcho-capitalism. Stateless communism is much like a hippie commune in the forest. Stateless capitalism simply cannot exist but capitalism intrinsically relies on the state and authority. Communism and Socialism are intrinsically in their essence about equality and this leads to everyone having a say about the economy not just the elite. Capitalism is about distributing wealth from the working class to the elite capitalist class through the state and the market working simultaneously to that goal.
    Anarchism and Socialism go hand in hand because they are concerned about the same issues therefore they can exist together. That is why anarchists and socialists have always collaborated and continue to collaborate to this day. The reason why the most staunch defenders of capitalism are always right wing is because capitalism in authoritarian and inherently right wing while Anarchism and Socialism seek to undermine authority (whether political, economic, religious, or whatever) and are inherently left wing. That is why the International Workers of The World or “Wobblies” included anarchists and socialists. Anarchism and Socialism are the enemies of Capitalism.
    We see now with the rise of ever more blatant authoritarianism in even social capitalists nations like France. This proves that social capitalism is not enough and we must seek a post-capitalist world in which human beings interact in radically different ways than today so as to eliminate once and for all the possibility of authoritarianism, totalitarianism, ethno-nationalism and fascism.
    Anarcho-Capitalism in reality just boils down to more like stateless fascism or some form of neo-feudalism. And for this reason more and more anarcho-capitalists and right wing libertarians are joining the Cult of Trump and The Alt-Right and legitimizing racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and authoritarianism. The privatization of everything is basically a corporate police state or a fascist state. The individual becomes at the mercy of multinational corporations and CEOs and board members and oligarchs. The billionaire class can simply do what they want, they are not obligated to act benevolently or righteously to their fellow man. If there is no state to mediate between the little guy and the big guy, the big guy will always win. In a stateless capitalist society the oligarchs can simply hire mercenaries, or private contractors or assemble militias to protect their property and take the property of others who cannot afford such protection or do not have skills and resources to protect themselves. In a society with a state that only has a police and military that state will easily be taken over by the oligarchs and used to punish whom they will and bless whom they will. In a capitalist world those who have the most money have the most power and inversely those who have the least amount of money have the least amount of power. No one is just compelled to play fair just because.
    The world of anarchic-capitalism is just a savage socioeconomic free for all. The strong prey on the weak; the vulnerable are exploited ruthlessly, the common man is powerless, the rule of law is irrelevant, death and violence are widespread and man becomes more and more primal and tribal slowly transforming into beasts who can drive and speak and type. If there are local police forces they will become corrupted and it will turn into a police state. In the process of all this the average person will rebel against the elite and take up arms and the police state will have to crush continuous mass uprisings of the people.
    Even with the police state there is no rule of law. The police are not benevolent and if they can do whatever they wish, crime and violence actually flourish (as we see in Chicago and Baltimore). Police violence and criminality also becomes the norm. The average person will see no reason to play by the rules and simply take what they want out of desperation. Climate change will create more desperation and purges and terrorism and uprisings because there is no real state with which to adequately address it and the market took to long to do anything real about it because of “jobs” (read: profits). Wildfires, smog, water scarcity, rising sea levels, mass evacuation of coastal cities, super storms, and god knows whatever else will ravage the Earth with people having no real way to collectively address these issue. The free market is inherently unreliable (pharmaceutical companies, gun violence, perpetual war for profit, housing market, etc) to sit around dying and starving and suffering for the market to get a clue is to be a fool. And most people can only tolerate so much and will eventually take matters into their own hands.
    With no FDA tens if not hundreds of thousands will die from corporations selling you poison and telling you it’s good for you. By the time the bodies have piled up into the atmosphere and people start putting two and two together, it will be too little too late. This is pretty much inviting the scenario from the film “I Am Legend”; where Will Smith survives the outbreak of a virus that essentially turns people into bloodthirsty zombies afraid of sunlight. The virus is originally considered a cure for cancer and is immediately distributed to people all over the world and then later when people realize that the antidote is really a pathogen it is too late and the world descends into abject chaos.
    Stateless capitalism makes everything worse about capitalism that much worse. Capitalism then leads to corporatism and finally fascism. The corporate state takes over while oppressing the masses and the nation state is no more and democracy is no more the constitution is no more and the average citizen has no real rights to speak of and the country is run like a business by a handful of businessmen. Anytime a nation is run like a business that is fascism. And that is basically how Trump is running America today; like on of his businesses.
    The people who claim to be patriotic who support stateless capitalism and ethnocracy are actually the most unpatriotic people. The Founders of the United States and the United States constitution are explicitly against both of these things. You would have to destroy the constitution as it is today in order to achieve these goals. In a society like that civil rights and human rights and civil liberties don’t matter. These people who claim to defend the Western world would violate everything the Western world stands for and everything that came out of the Age of Reason. They are anathema to John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Thomas Paine, and Alexander Hamilton. They are anathema to all of the great Western leaders of thought from Voltaire to Aristotle. The United States started out a de-facto ethno-oligarchy but it wasn’t that way on paper and we have gradually become more democratic and more like the values we espouse. They are not patriots they just want what they want and they don’t care. In fact, the only thing about the West these people actually love is simply the lack of melanin.
    It says a lot about a group of individuals who promote things they don’t actually believe in and attack things they themselves actually support. Many in the Alt-Right openly endorse violence and even sexual violence. Yet they obsess over white women being raped by Mexicans and Muslims and Blacks. They themselves from their own dialogues wish to rape and enslave white women or women in general. They cry about Antifa violence but their ideology is inherently violent and they actually do train on how to use firearms and explosives. They call for ethnic cleansing and holy war but are outraged about jihadists. They scream all day about Far Right Islamic terrorism but quietly endorse Far Right White Christian terrorism. They sound the alarm about Muslims and brown people trying to takeover the West but many of them are actively planning to takeover the United States by force. The European Union allows thousands of refugees into Europe (and there are still tens of millions of Europeans) because they actually believe in the values of Western Civilization and are prepared to support those values even when it is of an inconvenience. The people who lash out at that and scream about conspiracies and non-existent white genocide never actually believed in Western or Judaeo-Christian values.
    The Western leadership is not actively trying to destroy the West. The police (who are mostly white males) are not knowingly allowing people of color to set up No-Go Zones and go on raping sprees. Our elected officials are not involved in elaborate conspiracies to end the white race. Everything is not a liberal conspiracy. The mainstream media has no financial incentive to ignore the violent crimes of non-whites. These things are totally absurd on their face. One must be deeply indoctrinated and sucked into the realm of the obscure and shocking and deceptive in order to believe these set of conspiracies. More should be done to expose that these things are about as true as the Earth being flat.
    The Grandfather of American Libertarianism Murray Rothbard (I ran into his picture on a Libertarian tumblr account years ago) stated himself that he was in support of the police doing “instant justice” and that he supported David Duke and Pat Buchanan, well known racist, and even the anti-Semitic America Firsters around the time of WWII. Rothbard once said about David Duke:
    “It is fascinating that there was nothing in Duke’s current program or campaign that could not also be embraced by paleoconservatives or paleo-libertarians: lower taxes, dismantling the bureaucracy, slashing the welfare system, attacking affirmative action and racial set-asides, calling for equal rights for all Americans, including whites: what’s wrong with any of that?”
    This is all indirect and esoteric white supremacy. Rothbard’s disciple Justin Raimondo,who wrote his biography said that “Bannonism is libertarianism”. Rothbard cosigned the racist homophobic anti-Semitic newsletters of Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell in the late 80s and early 90s as “redneck outreach”. Rothbard applauded the Bell Curve (bunk racial intelligence science) that he said explained that racial disparities proves that social welfare is pointless. He basically explains that most people will hate the free market and that racial science proves that whites will rise to the top of the free market food chain and that racial science will be the way to explain the order of the market and defend the property rights of the rich white people at the top:
    “If and when we as populists and libertarians abolish the welfare state in all of its aspects, and property rights and the free market shall be triumphant once more, many individuals and groups will predictably not like the end result. In that case, those ethnic and other groups who might be concentrated in lower-income or less prestigious occupations, guided by their socialistic mentors, will predictably raise the cry that free-market capitalism is evil and “discriminatory” and that therefore collectivism is needed to redress the balance… “
    Hans Herman Hoppe another “anarcho-capitalist” libertarian has made it clear that he thinks under his system whites would naturally be superior to non-whites. Hoppe states plainly here that in order for a libertarian society to flourish certain people must be force-ably removed:
    “There can be no tolerance toward those habitually promoting lifestyles incompatible with this goal. They-the advocates of alternative, non-family-centered lifestyles such as, for instance, individual hedonism, parasitism, nature-environment worship, homosexuality, or communism-will have to be physically removed from society, too, if one is to maintain a libertarian order.”
    Hoppe recently gave a speech in Turkey praising and agreeing with the Alt-Right. He basically doesn’t seen anything wrong with their views but stops just short of calling for a white ethno-state.
    I think Shigalyev, the character from Dostoevksy’s “Demons” said it best: “My conclusion stands in direct contradiction to the idea from which I started. Proceeding from unlimited freedom, I end with unlimited despotism.”
    Rothbard was the ideological muse for the premier libertarian think tank in America, the Cato Institute founded by Charles Koch in the late 70s. Charles Koch ran for vice president on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1980. Charles Koch’s father, Fred Koch, was a co-founder of the infamous John Birch Society that was anti-civil rights like Rothbard and the Libertarian Party in the name of “property rights”. The John Birch Society was paranoid of “one world socialist government” much like Alex Jones and many on the right today. Fred Koch was also a Nazi sympathizer and got rich off an oil refinery deal he made with Nazi Germany.
    Charles and David Koch are the infamous Koch Brothers who are hellbent on cutting programs, cutting taxes and privatization by influencing the Republican Party with endless dark money. Contrary to what Charles Koch said in a 60 minutes patty cake interview his intent is not to destroy government to bring balance and help the little guy out (faux-populism) but so that nothing can stand in his way of corporate greed. Why else would a right wing billionaire and his friends pour hundreds of millions of dollars into politicians and political organizations? To make more money, it’s a great investment. They want to create a world where rich people can do whatever they want and who cares about the consequences because they’re rich; their money will protect them. The Koch Brothers secretly sponsored the Tea Party movement and all the politicians and political candidates were backed by corporate money and the movement was rabidly racist.
    Charles Koch for decades financed the publication of holocaust denial literature. Reason Foundation and Reason magazine have both been beneficiaries of Koch money and the Koch backed Reason magazine has published articles denying or questioning the Holocaust in the 70’s. Gary North a past contributor to Reason and holocaust revisionist has worked with Ron Paul in the past. The Cato Institute published a book by a Holocaust denier 12 years after he died. That same Cato Institute openly supports Ted Cruz who some say is worse than Donald Trump. The same Ted Cruz who said when he was a kid he used to donate to Jesse Helms campaign. The same Jesse Helms that said: “Mr. Clinton better watch out if he comes down here. He’d better have a bodyguard.”.
    All of this is to show how the Right “libertarian” and conservative movements have become either crypto-fascist or proto-fascist. They routinely call democracy “gang rape” and malign democracy as being majoritarian. They seem willing to sacrifice everything and anything for the free market and economic freedom. They see any movement of equality as “Marxism” (meaning social equality is bad because it’s Marxist) and use the words: globalist, Marxist, communist, deep state and Zionist interchangeably. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories have become normalized. Everything is now an Illuminati Fabian Society Soros plot. Calls to violence whether at rallies or online have become more and more popular among the Right. All of the Left is seen as illegitimate and alien and “communist”. Plutocracy is seen as normal liberal democracy. Liberal institutions are eroded. The state is only powerful as an agent of controlling the consumers and workers and maximizing the profits of the plutocrats. White supremacy and patriarchy are promoted as the normal inevitable conclusion of human interaction. Social Darwinism is seen as the normal way of life for humanity. Everyone must be a spartan and those who can’t deserve what they get. Capitalism, America, the military, whiteness and Christianity are fused and as seen as sacred and untouchable pillars of society. Everything bad in society is blamed on the Left aka the Marxists, feminists, environmentalists, communists, etc. The nation state becomes a corporate state run like a corporation. All of this is signs of Fascism.
    A typical conservative wants to conserve the traditions of the nation but a fascist wants to conserve those traditions at any cost. The new fascist is someone willing to overlook everything for the free market or “business interests. The new fascist is someone willing to go to extremes to conserve the status quo. The new fascist is one willing to do anything to stop homosexuality or illegal immigration or Muslim terrorism or the Left even if that means violating democratic norms and rule of law and human rights. The new fascist like the old fascist is one willing to do anything to maintain the social and economic order. A lot of the people calling themselves freedom loving patriots are actually the exact opposite and most may not even know it. They are their own worst enemies and even they themselves would hate to live in the world that they want.